Export Parameter Changes and Milestones

It would be great if there was an option to export the parameter changes based on time and temperature along with milestones as a simple list. It would be a good tool to have while going back and analyzing any roast profile. A handy reference too while roasting.

I thought there was an option under Actions menu of a roast graph, in the latest RoasTime to export as CSV…

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Will check it out…

There is an export function on Roast.world, but it does not export milestones yet.

@jacob any chance this is on your roadmap? I had previously looked at the export from RW and RT and it is just all the raw data itself and none of the meta data. I would like to be able to export the meta data for one or more or all my roasts into a spreadsheet. By meta data I mean:

  • preheat temp
  • charge P/F/D settings
  • Yellow point, FC, EFC, SC, ESC time, temp, P/F/D settings
  • and as cash0612 mentioned, when the P/F/D was changed (time, temp)
  • other meta data info that can be entered into the roast in RT (e.g. roasted and green weigh, etc.)

Short of having that export capability I’ve started to try to build this spreadsheet manually but manual data entry stinks :laughing: