Exporting from RoastWorld to RoasTime

Hey all, I was roasting happily using RoasTime on my laptop which then died. I am now trying export my roast profiles from RoastWorld to RoasTime. Andyone know how to do that in bulk?

Thanks, Tom.

You should just log in and it will sync down from Roast.world to RoasTime automatically.

Thanks Jacob, the roasts seem to have synced fine with the original laptop but they do not appear to sync when I start RoasTime on the new desktop installed software.

If you haven’t already tried it, in RT3 go to the Roast History page and click the Sync button-

Be patient… it takes awhile to get everything copied from the server.

If you’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked we probably need some server help from Derrick.


Bab you are a saviour! Thanks! I upgraded to 3, found the sync button and it worked a treat. Appreciate your help very much.

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