F1/First Crack button not working after first roast

I wasn’t sure where to file this, under software or firmware, but here are the steps to reproduce an issue.

  1. Turn on Bullet R1 V2 and preheat
  2. Roast as usual, and sometimes during roast press F1 button to signal first crack to Roastime 4
  3. Roastime 4 will normally register this as FC
  4. Prepare anther roast batch
  5. Preheat and start roasting
  6. Press F1 to signal FC
  7. Roastime 4 doesn’t register F1 button press

I am not sure if this is issue with Bullet not sending signal to Roastime 4, or RT4 is ignoring subsequent F1 button press actions.

Let me know if you need any additional info.

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I just did a few test runs here and I was not able to re-create this. Does this happen to you every time?

Hi @mcaillio,

It doesn’t happen every time. Last night I did 4 roasts, and It happen on one only. I will try to record this next time.

Hi @mcaillio,

Finally I was able to reproduce an issue with F1 press to signal FC. It is documented in the zipped mp4 file. Let me know if you need any additional info.

FC-F1-Issue.mp4.zip (3.0 MB)