Failed firmware update on the Bullet R1

Hi guys,

I tried to update the Bullet R1 firmware, but it showed 0% forever.
I decided to cancel and cut off the power, and try to get it back on. But it only turn on the venting other than anything else, not even the LEDs.

I sent the Aillio team an email, they sent me a guide to turn the machine into manual bootloader mode.
I’m 100% sure I followed the instructions, but it doesn’t seems working.

Anyone have the same problem before? Any chance to fix it?
Thank you so much

Try this: Updating firmware problems (firewall related?)

Fixed. I change the USB wire and installed a Windows version of RT2 to do it.
still need to manual bootload it.

I am experiencing the same issue … the only difference is i managed to sucessfully updated my firmware … now only exhaust fan is running and nothing else … turning the roaster on and off have been tried a number of times to no avail … i hope Aillio team can help us resolve this issue

This just happened to me. Firmware update appeared to work fine, now just exhaust fan and nothing else.

Here’s what happened: I’ve been using version 2.5 for a month or so. I just heard about RoasTime3 and the backup/upgrade process. I backed up successfully using version 2.7, then I loaded version 3 with no issues. I updated the firmware to stable 558 and it appeared to go fine. However I lost connection, so I unplugged power from the Bullet and plugged it back in. I got nothing but exhaust fan, I let it run for around 10 minutes. Then I unplugged it, wrote a distress call in slack to Matthew, and looked at my hands and contemplated my life choices. After about ten minutes I plugged power back into the Bullet. It works fine! I hope this helps someone.

@forms Familiar story! After a f/w update it takes 2 power off/power on cycles to get the Bullet running. Additionally it takes more than just flipping the switch off then back… you have to wait.

So (out of despair? that was my case!) you ended up doing exactly the right thing: power off; pause; power on; wait; repeat.

If you rush things you can end up at the court of last resort where you must learn how to activate the boot loader. Aillio has an instruction sheet. That little adventure convinced me to find a power box with a built-in circuit breaker so I don’t have to connect/disconnect the power cord to cycle the power.