Failed firmware update on the Bullet R1


Hi guys,

I tried to update the Bullet R1 firmware, but it showed 0% forever.
I decided to cancel and cut off the power, and try to get it back on. But it only turn on the venting other than anything else, not even the LEDs.

I sent the Aillio team an email, they sent me a guide to turn the machine into manual bootloader mode.
I’m 100% sure I followed the instructions, but it doesn’t seems working.

Anyone have the same problem before? Any chance to fix it?
Thank you so much


Try this: Updating firmware problems (firewall related?)


Fixed. I change the USB wire and installed a Windows version of RT2 to do it.
still need to manual bootload it.


I am experiencing the same issue … the only difference is i managed to sucessfully updated my firmware … now only exhaust fan is running and nothing else … turning the roaster on and off have been tried a number of times to no avail … i hope Aillio team can help us resolve this issue