Fan calibration error?

Is the fan calibration supposed to end with a single beep and a quick flash of ERR or ERC? I’ve been trying to let it run the calibration a few times and it seems to run fine to F9, Fa, but then around Fb it just beeps once loudly and flashes either ERR or ERC before stopping and showing me the main menu and OFF. I can’t tell if there was an error or if it normally does that. Going back to the menu for calibration (option 6) I see PPd and bL 16. Clicking the A button then shows me P-D or ----- which should be correct.

2 sec beep iirc. No ErC label that I recall.


you can do a test in roast mode with power off. Go through each fan setting and check the RPM. Should be around 600-700 RPM at F1, increasing ~200RPM per step.

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