Fan draw cigarette lighter test


Rao recommenced using a cig lighter to measure the draw of your fan. The recommendation was to test the angle at 1cm away from the trier. The image below is with an empty drum from 0-9 on an uncalibrated v2.0.


F0 blows outward . F1 the flame is drawn in by about 15-20 degrees. F2 ~35 degs. F3 to F5 meets his 60-90 degree recommendation. 5+ and the flame is drawn in more steady and pulled thinner. (F9 not shown but it was occasionally blowing out and my finger was almost blistered from holding a lighter so long)

*Of course Rao’s recommendation is typically for larger machines and only a loose guide.


i hate to be a pain but do you have the same test on the calibrated fan?