Fan issue - not blowing out


I had an issue with the fan cable when I first cleaned my roaster, so I ordered a replacement from Roast Rebels and the fan is working fine now, but I noticed that now the fan is blowing out and not inside the cooler pan.

Any advice from anybody who might faced or know this issue?

Thank you


If the fan is blowing in the other direction than it was before chances are you have mounted it wrong.

Hope it helps, Cheers!

which fan are you talking about? If it is the micro fan for the IBTS then do not roast with it. You will damage everything.

What do you mean I did not touch the fan, I just replaced the wire.

Just trying to make sure we understand this… when you say “blowing out” do you mean blowing the air out the back of the cooler pan (the square part)? If that is the case, that is correct behavior. If the air is moving back “into” the pan then it’s not what you want. The cooling fan draws air through the beans into the pan then out the back, that’s how the beans are cooled.

I assume you’re talking about the cooling tray. The fan is working correctly if it’s blowing out the rear of the tray. The fan should not move toward the bowl… it is operating properly when it draws air down thru the hot beans then out the rear of the cooling tray.


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I must have misunderstood.
I figured that the only reason the fan would start blowing the opposite way was if it is mounted oppositely. But if it changed blowing direction after a cable switch then it’s out of my paygrade :face_with_spiral_eyes:


it is not possible.

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Thanks guys, I believe that it is working well and it’s on me who didn’t notice it before that it blows the air out and not in.

Appreciate it