Fan Speed for Light Roasts?

Hi all,

I am sample roasting Ethiopia Jibicho beans at different fan speeds;

  1. at a higher fan speed starting from F4 to F7.
  2. at a lower fan speed starting from F2 to F4.

I’ve cupped and enjoyed both of them, but wanted to ask the community what is typically the preferred fan speed to use for Ethiopia beans? Especially trying to bring out the berry flavours such as Jibicho beans.

Thank you!

It depends on your weight.
I know that for sample roasting 150g, F2 is preferred by a few professionals.

2nd on the charge weight.

I will run up to F4 with 500g charges but too much fan pulls too much moisture/flavor out.

I think the bean processing has a lot to do with it besides just the geography (country and altitude), and varietal.

I think you’ll want a lower fan setting to start. Too much air and you are blowing heat out of the drum.