Faulty Bullet whilst performing firmware upgrade

Bullet beeps 6 times after startup with blank screen. Anyone know how to resolve please?

I just went through this same thing. Apparently there is a known bug in RoastTime 3.3.0 causing a connection issue.

I worked with Matt on the support team. I had to remove the front panel, short the SDA pin to ground which puts the roaster into manual boot loader mode. Then used the latest version of RoastTime 2.5.5 to reload the firmware.

I’m also using a Mac so if you are as well the above would not work until I went into Library/Application Support/ and removed the 2 roast time directories there as well.

After doing that was able to reload the firmware.

Hope this helps!

Amazing - fixed the issue. Really appreciate the help!


I understand Monday or Tuesday 3.3.1 should be released to fix the connection issue. So if you’re still having trouble with 3.3.0 they told me to use 2.5.5 until the new version comes out.

I’m hoping to hold off roasting until that time.