Feature: allow deleting bean entirely from MyBeans/other

I think this has been discussed, but I couldnn’t find any current status on it. I just want to be able to delete a bean from My Beans on Roast.World and therefore RT.

Is this possible yet? The inventory management, although seeing a few improvements, needs some vital work. It’s just a mess to organize and manage roasts, profiles, beans etc. I understand not being able to delete someone’s bean on RW, but I just want it gone from my list, like before I added it. Also, if I’ve created a bean, I would like the ability to delete it, say if I found it to be a duplicate or something that’s no longer produced etc. I know that still needs to exist for anyone that may have use it, but those can just refer to it’s name, but not require the bean in the database.

Anyway, it seems like Aillio has a very skeletal 2-person dev staff (1 for RW and 1 for RT) and with such a popular product, this tends to cripple the platform and bring any advancements to a crawl. I think both engineers here are nice people, but there is clearly more work than can be handled in a timely manner.

There’s still a vital issue where the Recipes are not setting the preheat temp on the roaster like it used to and I have to look at the Recipe in advance to see what it’s supposed to be and set it manually on the roaster before running the Recipe as a workaround. This really needs to be a higher priority, but it’s been a known issue for quite a while.

If anyone in management reads these posts, please get these 2 engineers some help. I can’t even imagine there pressure they’re having to handle with such minimal resources.

Best Regards for sure! We love the Bullet, but want better for all.

following for same answers :upside_down_face:

Hey @Snidely_Whiplash & @bobstrengera5kj

We are working on a Bean Archive functionality that would solve this exact issue that you are mentioning. I think it will come online for everyone next week or the week after. However, if you enable beta testing you can get access to the feature when we open it for beta testers (this week): https://roast.world/settings/feature-preview

In regards to the preheat issue, I will bring mention this to Matt to see if he has any updates on it.

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Thank you. I pinged him about it a couple times, but again, I know your resources are limited.

Thanks Derrick, will wait and see changes next week.

@bobstrengera5kj I have a fix for the preheat issue coming in the next version. Are you on slack? If not you can join and test out the latest version now.

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Hi. Yes I’m on Slack. Is this Matthew? If so, that’s where I started with this issue. You can find me there as GroundPoundCoffee and I updated my comment about this with my user name from here as well. I would really like to give the new version a test.

Interestingly, I can’t add beans at all. I used to be able to, but in the past few months, the feature doesn’t work at all. I’ve given up and just list the bean type in the roast name. I’ve been too lazy to contact customer support about it.

This is strange. Any user should be able to add a new bean. Does it give you any error in particular when you try to add a bean?

OK, RT 3 must have been waiting for me to post about this to make me look like an idiot. I just tried to add a bean to be able to post exactly what didn’t work…and it worked. I did just what I had done before. Anyway, thanks for the reply!

@derrxb I did enable the Feature Preview. Guessing it hasn’t been pushed to the Preview branch yet still? Thanks

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Hi, sorry for the delayed response.

We pushed this out early this week. Can you double check to see if it’s available to you?

Hi. Yes. I’ll check. I did so over the weekend but didn’t see it then, but I’m happy to try again. Thanks

I have confirmed I am able to delete recipes now! For others: Just check a box next to the Recipe to delete and you will see a red trash icon in the lower-right corner of the screen which will commence the action. Now if we only had folders to sort recipes into (like one might be called Region or Colombia, Costa Rica etc). Or just a filter with the same ability to narrow to that label. :slight_smile:

Although this is a great step, I started this post about being able to delete a bean I created, which of course shows up globally for all to use, but they are various reasons to delete beans at times as explained above. I ended up renaming a couple to include,” delete me “ in the bean name.

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I would love to see that same feature

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I have tried the Beta “Bean Archive” feature and it works well. Good job on this one!

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Cant wait, my "My Beans are full of beans I no longer roast


I just noticed that while I deleted unwanted Recipes from RoasTime (as mentioned above), I found they are not gone from RoastWorld. I’m usually logged into RW while using RT. If this somehow is where the issue occurs (not being logged in on RW, by chance), then RT needs to be able to log into RW so that doesn’t happen. Would be the only way to ensure they’re working in sync. Maybe it does already, but for whatever reason, again, what I delete from RT did not delete from RW.

Also, now there aren’t checkboxes next to the Recipes like there was when I originally commented this was working. You simply have one checkbox at the top of the list named Roast Recipes, and after you select it, it will display alll your Recipes with checkboxes and they’re selected and you have to now de-select what you don’t want to delete. I really don’t understand what is going on here. It was great the way it worked when I verified it and now it’s awkward.

I still do not see this feature when I look at my bean inventory. It would be nice to tidy up what we have in stock and get rid of “unknown bean” entries. The other day I retrieved an old, 2018, Colombian Crown Jewel from the vac sealed frozen stocks. I set up a new bean entry but accidentally did it twice when I didn’t see it after trying once. I’d like to delete the repeat entry even if I did remove the weight of the beans from one.

Thanks to everyone.