Feature: Allow searching for specific roast profiles on Roast World

Is there a way to search on roast.world besides what appears to be user search? I’m trying to see if I can search, for example, for other people’s roast profiles where they did sample roasts using 150g. It is unclear to me what is the result I’m getting when I put in 150 in the search box when I’m in “User” portion of R.W as all I see are 7 user profiles pop up with 0 roasts. If this type of search is possible please let me know how.


would love to know too. anyone?

Good call! And also would like to search for Bullet roasters in my country to connect with. Can you pls add that search field?


The search engine is definitely something I think would benefit from some new features.
For example :

  • searching by roast weight (i.e search 500g roasts)
  • searching by charge temp
  • searching by roast total time
  • etc.

This would allow finding and comparing roasts much easier. Consequently, it would make it easier to discover people who roast in a similar way and enhance the community sharing aspect.


To me, this sounds like we should expose a “Find Roasts” option similar to that of find beans. I’ll bring this up at our weekly meeting to get some feedback and see if it’s something that can is possible


@derrxb It would be great to be able to search various attributes of a roast profile, eg; roast profile description (filter, espresso etc) green bean origin, batch size, exit temp etc. I also find the community.roast.world and roast.world separation disjointed and no so intuitive to navigate. I love the ability to look at and share profiles. Perhaps roast profiles should have it’s own forum category? It would also be great to encourage people to add cupping/tasting notes to their roast profiles. Sharing knowledge and everyone’s own experiences will only elevate the community as a whole and get us all roasting better coffee!


You can share profiles from R.W by copy pasting the link into community.roast.world. The community forum is run on a free (if self-hosted) open source platform software called Discourse so it has to run separately from R.W which I believe is built in-house. Discourse needs its own sub-domain.


What he said! You nailed it @david.nash.aushr2

Hi @everyone,

I just want to let you guys know that we recently released Discover Roasts that accomplishes this. We want to extend it further to include additional filter features but that will require some additional work on our end. So for now these are the starter fields to filter by:

  • Roast Name
  • Green Weight
  • Roast Time
  • Bullet Version

I’m open to suggestions about what additional fields we can filter on. So feel free to give you suggestions in this thread. Once we get a clearer idea of which fields to support, we’ll add those (especially since we have tens of thousands of roasts to go through to do this update)


As @blacklabs mentioned the community site is built on top of Discourse so that’s the reason why there’s a bit of a disconnect. We do have some ideas on how to integrate them better but haven’t gotten to them yet.

Hi @derrxb This is great news. I just gave it a quick whirl and it seems to do what I wanted for the most part. Using the “filter” options I selected v2, max/min of 500g (to get exact batch size) and then in the “Roast name” on the left I put in “Yemen” - got a reasonable 49 hits including 4 of my 6 Yemen roasts - it’s interesting it didn’t pick up an earlier two roasts of that bean.

This is great start - at least for me being able to search on batch size I can study what I can do to scale up the batch size.

Thanks for working on this!! It’s appreciated! :slight_smile: :+1:t3:


I could (and I suppose others) really use a filter on bean. When I look for a roast, it is usually for a bean that I have. Origin is not enough, as there are many different beans from Brazil for example. Additionally, supplier would be useful as well (shop that I bought the green beans from) - and it is already available on the bean info.

Not sure if this is related to your request but if you go to your Dashboard, the 2nd choice is Beans then Search (magnifying glass). There are 4 search fields. The first 2 are Vendor related (Name & Country) and the second 2 are Bean related (Origin & Name). I think what you’re asking for can probably be done with the Bean search fields for Origin (country) and Name. And Vendor should cover the supplier.