Feature: Allow specifying measurement units (solved)

I’ve just been adding my latest order of beans to Roast World and I was wondering if, in the future, we could choose what units to use?

It’s great to get the choice between kg and lb but it would be even better to take this a little further:

Elevation is currently in feet, would be great to offer metres above sea level
Costs are in dollars, would be great to change this to local currency

Many thanks

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Hi @s1fly,

Thank you for writing on here :slight_smile: Actually, we currently support choosing between KG and LB. You can find this setting here: Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth => Weight System

In terms of elevation, I think we’re probably gonna make this an value independent (whatever value you put in is what you get out). And we do plan to bring the option to specify your currency. However, this is a bit in the future as we bring more features to Roast World.

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Thanks very much for such a quick reply! Makes sense about the elevation and great news to know that currency will come eventually!