Feature: Can Roastime run on Android?

@matthew, will there ever be an Android app for Roas Time?

Yes, we do have plans for mobile apps on both platforms. We have to get a firmware update to enable bluetooth functionality first though.


That’s great to hear @matthew, thanks for confirming. Have you a time frame for the release of the apps?

Is there a patch file to allow installation on Android tablet running Chrome? Cheers

Hi, as far as I’m aware, this currently isn’t available yet. We’ll update on here as soon as we have more information on this.

Thanks, is there a timeline being considered of when this might be a possibility?

Both platforms means iPad OS/IOS and Android?

Bump for an update. Why the visible Bluetooth connection if there isn’t any support for it. I feel like an open. Connection is a security risk at the minimum.

There are no security risks as the Bullet does not respond to any commands sent on the BL.
The BL implementation still has rather low priority for the time being and I don’t have any time frame for when it might be implemented.

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But, if there’s not an actual hardware stop/break, then it’s still possible for a bad actor to do something. That’s my only thought. it should be turned off until it’s implemented.

The hardware receive function on the MCU is turned off, so there is no way for a bad actor to hack anything.
You are correct, we could turn it off until we have finished developing the app but it should not affect anything.

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