Feature Request: Additional Countries on the Bean Origin Dropdown List

Apparently Dominican Republic isn’t one of the well-known origins for coffee beans, but I think it’s nice to have it in the dropdown list for bean inventory management…


Sure, I think I should be able to add this to the list for you.

I just learned that China has a coffee production area in Yunnan. I don’t see any offered at my usual vendors but I’m on the look-out for some. Perhaps that’s another you could add… ??


Edit- I see that China is frequently listed as a “Vendor Country”, but just to be clear I was referring to “Origin” not “Vendor Country”.

Ahh, thanks for the additional info :slight_smile: I remembered another user mentioned adding China on here. If you have additional country requests, please let me know.

P.S Apparently, my home country Belize also produces coffee beans. Not sure if anyone on here has ever tried it or if its accessible outside of Belize. Haha

Hi there,
I added my first Chinese bean from Yunnan and had no “China” selection.


P.S. It would be nice to be able to edit/complete other’s vendors

Hi Alex-

Yes it would be nice. Aillio just got thru weeding out a gazillion copies of Sweet Maria’s (and many others) as a supplier. I guess they aren’t anxious to do it all over any time soon (apparently we owners can’t be trusted! :slight_smile: ),


Thanks for pointing this out. I will make this option available in the bean country.

After over 20 years of home roasting I didn’t discover Chiapas, Oaxaca & Veracruz coffee till 6 months ago. I feel like an idiot for not trying that region sooner. So I guess I better add Belize to my list of “First chance I get” coffee beans! Thanks for mentioning Belize Derrick.


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Timor Leste also is missing. I received a sample 1lb from Sweet Maria’s and I can’t enter it. Thanks!

Update: as well as Yemen is missing