Feature Request: Export Roast History to CSV

Hi there! I saw that the last post about exporting roast history to .CSV was on March 1. Has there been any movement on that? I’m trying to monitor what our input to our Bullet is and the Green Coffee in weight on RW only sorts by “Past Month”. I currently have no idea whether that is the last 30 days, or whether that only takes into account this month (total green weight in for May/June/etc.) We’re looking to expand our current operation and need to know when we’ll need to purchase a second machine to do so. Thanks!

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Go to your Dashboard → Roasts → My Roasts. Find the roast you want and click the Download button (far right):

In Win10 I then get a Save File box (must be similar for Mac… ??) and can choose a location.


I think @idoucoffeeco is looking for a way to export the history of how much coffee has been roasted in the last month, something like average kilograms of throughput per week. That is a different kind of export than the .CSV feature, which exports the digitized data of a single roast (temperature vs. time, etc.)

Have you tried looking at the local data on your Roastime laptop? All your roasts are synced from the Roast World service I believe, so you could create a CSV with a Python script, or perhaps using Miller https://github.com/johnkerl/miller.

I could point you at some code if you’re interested.

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Hi there, thanks for the reply @bab . Like @bradm is saying, we need to keep track of how much we’ve roasted across the past month. My preference would be to not need to download and update a spreadsheet for each roast we complete.

We haven’t been able to find anything within RoastTime at this point. I was hoping that because the rating for the Bullet is for 100kg / month, Aillio would offer some way to keep track of that electronically.

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Agreed, that would be nice. My understanding is that bulk access to roast data isn’t available at this point, so your best bet is seeing if you have that data locally.

If you’re using a Mac you should be able find that data at Library/Application Support/roast-time/roasts under the home directory of the user that’s running Roastime. Let me know if you can see data there and if you’re interested I can throw together a quick script to dump the fields you need to a CSV. I’ve already got code sitting around to load those files and access the data.

That would be awesome! I’ve found that folder and can see the local roast data. Thanks!

Try following the instructions here. Hope this helps!

Great! We’ll take a look at it over the next few days…hopefully it helps. Thanks so much!

Hmmm, on my Mac there is no ‘Download’ option. How do you turn it on?

Shouldn’t have to do anything for it to appear. Have you tried refreshing the R.W screen? or clearing recent history? log-out/log-in? Popped right up on mine so I can only guess the screen isn’t updating. May need Derrick to step in here.


I had to go to my profile page and enable ‘feature preview’. Now I am able to save to CSV.

Ah-hah… didn’t realize that was why I was seeing it. I’d enabled that at least a month ago and hadn’t given it a thought since.


Do you know for sure if all the RW data is synced to the local RT?

I found that roastime-data library already, and am excited to use it not only for roast analytics (which is fun) but also I want to automate the work I’m doing to document my roasts.

Also, I want to auto-generate label images I can print… it’s a lot of writing to label a gift bag as “this type, roasted this date, drink before that date, etc”