Feature request for Recipe

I think the new recipe feature is a game changer. It’s not quite set and forget, but as long as you program it to the right variables, it works great. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one feature I’d like added.

You should be able to tie a variable to development percentage. When my roast is done, I manually drop the drum speed to 1 to reduce fly-away beans when I open the door. If I could couple this to a development percentage (and maybe a roast finished alarm) this would make the recipe even easier to follow. This could also probably all be done on the software side.

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Yep, I’d like to set both target temp and time, and have the recipe adjust all three settings to keep on track for those two set points without the beans going exothermic.

You could do this if there was a rate of rise trigger and memory of the previous value. You could make a couple recipes like “10 minutes to 230c” and just have the triggers be the target rate of rise that you need to hit that temperature in the time you want to hit it in.

I’d like some easier requests. Delete a recipe and clone a recipe for variations without having to start over. Also when making a recipe from a existing roast, why does it only copy the time/temp trigger and not the actions ?

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I have roastime on different computers for analyzing when Im not at home or not roasting. All of my roasts show up on each computer but recipe is only on the computer on which I wrote it. Am i missing something?