Feature Request: Roast comments/notes should be shown on your roast profile page

I’ve been adding comments to my roasts on RoasTime. Where can they be viewed? The only way I can see them is by clicking Actions->Edit then “See more.” I must be missing something - it doesn’t make sense if the only way to read the comments is by using edit.

Thanks for any help.

I also like to use comments. They can be viewed on Roast.World by opening one of your roasts and then using the edit button, where they show up as “Notes.” But AFAIK you can only see these for your own roasts. There is no edit button when viewing others roasts.

I wouldn’t mind if the “see more” option was eliminated and comments were always displayed in RT, seeing as the dialog scrolls anyway…

Thanks for pointing this out @Five_Bells. You’re right. I will fix this to show your comments about a roast on your roast profile.

I also would like to note that roast comments and roast notes are different. Comments are public and notes are private.

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Thanks for following up on this. I’ll look forward to the new feature.