Feature Request: Start playback while preheating?

I usually start my bullet preheating first while I gather things, including my laptop. If i then select a profile for playback, it gives me an error to please first turn the bullet to off mode. Even if it is already hot, i usually toggle it off and as quickly as possible, start the playback. It would be awesome if I could just start the playback mid-preheat. It seems you have to power toggle even if you change your mind on the preheat temp. If there is already a way to do this, please let me know! thanks!


I hear you! I agree it would be great to start playback without having to power toggle!

Sorry for the late reply guys.
For now you are right Eric, you have to toggle to off if you start your preheat manually.
It’s a good idea you have and I will try to implement this in newer version.


Want to bump this suggestion. I’ve suggested the same thing before in e-mails to AIllio. It’s a far more common workflow to preheat before choosing what bean you’re roasting. I rarely use the playback feature at all for this reason.

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I’d like to mention that even when manual roasting, I’d like to set a preheat and then be able to change the preheat without cycling the roast cycle.
Thanks for your time!