Filter for bean cooling fan

Anybody found an alternative for the thick white filter?

I can’t find the discussion thread here but someone here posted that this is what they used (I had stuck it into my “wish list” on Amazon) and said it worked fine for them. I am on my second one that came with the Bullet so at some point I will need to get some.

Just make sure you get the fibrous type pads and not sponge type pads. The sponges do work as a filter, but only for a short time as they dry out and heat up much quicker, not anywhere near as effective and only last short term.

Do you have specific ones that worked well for you @Snidely_Whiplash ?

I ended up getting something similar to this and cut them to size. Works fine for me :slight_smile: It’s a little more restrictive on the airflow so keep that in mind.

Just curious, has anyone tried soaking the oem ones in cafiza (or similar) and reusing them?

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I’ve tried warm soapy water which had so-so in results for appearance but were functionally fine for blocking any chaff. SimpleGreen may be a thought as well as the Cafiza you mention.


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Mine goes in the dishwasher on the top shelf.


Oh yeah, the SG is a good idea. I’ve got a big bottle of that kicking around somewhere.

Also a great idea. I like the labour-free nature of this one!