Finding Recipes

What’s the best way to find good recipes to utilize? It seems that if one goes to the roasts area, all of the roasts can be found but not the actual recipes, right?

So if I’m understanding this correctly, you’re supposed to go to someone’s profile and then fidna recipe, is that right? Newbie here so not totally sure about the process. How can one go about finding a ‘good user’ and grabbing their recipes? I’m looking specifically for a fruit-forward light roast.

Hi @rresidorinucd,

We have a page called Discover Recipes that can be used to find recipes using a few filters. You can find the link here: Discover recipes. Let me know if this is helpful or if there’s any additional things we can do to make the discover recipes page better!


I am new to my Bullet as well - and what I have found has worked for me pretty well so far is:

  • when I add a bean, there are often multiple copies of the same bean
  • pick a copy with plenty of roasts next to it
  • look through a bunch of other roasts, and pick one you like
  • in the Action menu, select “Save Roast”
  • in RoasTime, you can use that roast as an overlay
  • if I am happy with it, I can then turn my roast into a recipe

I mostly want the overlay first because I am roasting smaller batches, which changes charge and power needs. At least until I get more comfortable with the machine and my ability not to mess up a roast.

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