Fire emergency plan: Hard plumbing of a water line in the Bullet

Hi everyone, I was reading this article by Rao:

Has anyone tried to install a permanent water intake to the Bullet in case of fire?

I plan to install one in a few more months, along with an emergency electrical switch (big red button), in case something goes wrong. I understand that the Bullet may be sensitive to water.

Disclaimer: I am very responsible with cleaning and maintenance, but I want to avoid all risks and have a plan before something happens.

How about keeping a fire extinguisher next to the roaster? You’ve already got the power handled and are keeping it clean, which is great. If you stay near your roaster while roasting (as recommended), that should be plenty of safety. These units don’t use gas like roasters that Rao and others use either, so just like any other heating appliance or grill etc, your presence and an easily accessible fire extinguisher should provide the necessary protection, thus peace of mind.


My emergency plan is

  • unplug it
  • open the windows
  • throw fire blanket over the whole thing

I also have a regular fire extinguisher near by, in case the roaster sets something else on fire.

I don’t know if spraying water in a flaming bullet is a good idea or not. Knowing me, if there was a water button on the panel I’d accidentally push it once or twice a year. :wink:


Hi @bobstrenger @damon , thanks for your answer, currently my plan in case of fire is:

  • Activate the emergency power button, which is different from the switch that turns the Bullet on or off.
  • Activate an alarm with another button that is right next to it, so that my family evacuates in a preventive way.
  • Open the windows and spread ABC fire extinguisher on the Bullet.

I have more than clear that I prefer to lose the Bullet that the whole house of that somebody can end up injured.

But I want another backup plan, because I’m expecting to get a second Bullet and roast with both at the time, I will be cautious and close, but there may be fire that goes unnoticed by being focused on the other machine, in case something doesn’t go right and for that I’m considering the water hard plumbing (to avoid accidents it will be next to the emergency switches and it is a stopcock, not a button).

I like automation, and I am thinking of making an electric exit door that can dump the coffee when the profile ends in Artisan and maybe another automatic door that loads the next batch when the preheat is ready (I’m still thinking how to do it). To that system I would like to add the alarms that Rao speaks in case of overheating in the chaff collector.

Maybe I’m being too cautious.

I could never tell anyone they’re being too cautious, but again, if you stay near your roaster(s) when operating it, with a fire extinguisher (and blanket as @Damon has done), I think you’ll have more than enough early warning signs to handle a situation, should it arise. My roaster is in my laundry room, which has two doors, one to the outside and one interior, so in my case, I feel pretty isolated. Further, my Bullet is on an NSF stainless steel cart with heavy casters, I could push out the exterior door from that room fast, should that ever be necessary.

This is part of the reason i roast on my stove top (full cast iron grates over the natural gas burners)

Full extractor hood over the cook top, stainless steel & cast iron surfaces, fire extinguisher at hand.

Pot filler could be used for water if necessary, but no hard plumbed fire suppression system (a la commercial kitchens)