Firmware 448 Failed

Same issue for me as others. I too went through the manual bootloader procedure. My problem is that Roasttime 2.05, 2.06 and 2.07 all will not now let me download and try 448 or 444.

It will only procedure if I choose 449 debug. So that is what I have loaded, and the device doesn’t now actually do anything useful. The fan is on high all the time, the readouts work and it boots fine. It will say pre-heating and such, but nothing happens.

How I can force the latest stable release firmware?

Also 2.07 shows a long build release number instead of 449 for what is currently on the device.

I was able to fix my own issue by starting over with version 2.03, for some reason this one eventually let me put version 448 on it, which now has things working normally. The newer versions, plus the OSX version, were preventing loading 448 because they saw I have 449 and determined there is no action to be taken since you have the latest already, making it impossible to get out of the debugging version.

Where are the changelogs for these firmware? I looked around and I couldn’t find any.