Firmware 553 Stable What's New

Is there any resource/release notes available for Firmware 553 Stable? I updated the firmware last evening. It went off smoothly and in less than 4 minutes.

Would love to know the improvements/changes with this release.

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No clue except that we were told they were making changes to smooth out V2 power board operation. But that’s been going on for awhile. I’m like you… I’d like to have some sort of summary of changes and where it’s all headed.


This reply is meant for Aillio.

  1. It is obvious there is a problem with people being able to hear the sound of cracking, which you have continually disregarded. In my opinion, you should provide a solution, and not rely on customers having to struggle to come up with their own solutions like modifying stethoscopes or sticking kazoos into the tryer hole. This in a $3,000 roaster?

  2. What calibration is done at the factory for the IBTS and temperature probes? There should also be a temperature sensor calibration procedure for the user to perform. Especially because I cannot hear first crack well, if at all, I must rely on the temperature to monitor my roasting process. Without a reliable temperature readout, this is impossible. Plus, there can be no comparison to other users’ profiles. In my case, the IBTS and temperature probes are more than 30 degrees C apart. This is much greater than what I see on others’ profiles. I do not have, I don’t think, the dirty IBTS or temperature drift problems others are reporting, but without accurate temperature readouts, these things do not matter.

For calibration, I am thinking of trying to find some black material, e.g., black glass marbles, black metal balls, etc., which could be heated and measured, perhaps with a removable temperature probe through the tryer hole, for a calibration. Ideally, this calibration should be put into Roast Time.

In my opinion, these are serious problems that you should not ignore. Put your effort into solving these over a new product.


Joshua Ziff

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Anyone else noticing a decrease in power since updating to this new firmware? I have a v1.0 machine and definitely notice a difference. My bean probe reading at the end of PH is now reading at least 10C lower, and I am having trouble getting my roasts to finish. I end up flatlining after first crack and I am using the same recipe I always have.

I rarely ever look at voltage, but it was running at 102-104 through most of the roast, but was at 114 towards the end…not sure if this is normal?



Nothing related to power has changed for V1 machines in any recent firmware. 102V is low for a V1 and the power output will be lower. Ideally you want 120V.

Fixed a bug that prevented full cooling performance on V2 boards.
Better error handling for V2 boards.
Support for new exhaust fan.
Other small improvements as well.

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@jacob is there any advantage/point for V1 owners upgrading to this version of the firmware? I’m on v512.

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Im on 523 (with V1 + IBTS); same question: should we upgrade to 553? many thanks!

I’ve used fw 558 on my V1.5 for months.

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