Firmware or RoasTime driver issues - READ THIS

Please note that you can only use one version of the Roastime software at any given time. If you choose to switch from the current version to the legacy version, or vice versa, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers.
Unfortunately we cannot make this any easier at this moment. We do however encourage users to stick with the most current version, as there are new releases every week. For any special feature requests, we would love to hear them.

Please start by updating to firmware version 448

Problem: After updating the firmware, the Bullet is no longer starts up:
Why is this happening: Something went wrong during the update process. We are investigating why this is happening to some users.
Solution: Please use this guide on how to solve this problem.

Problem: After updating to V448 I cannot connect to the legacy RoasTime ( anymore
Why is this happening: Aillio now have our own USB international ID which only we can use. This new ID is implemented in the new firmware, thus needing a driver update.
Solution: Re-install the USB drivers. Go here to download the USB drivers again. Look on page 31 of the manual on how to re-install the drivers.

Problem: After using the new RoasTime 2.0.X I cannot connect to the legacy RoasTime ( anymore.
Why is this happening: When you install RoasTime 2.0.X, new windows drivers are automatically installed for you and these override the old drivers.
Solution: Uninstall the new drivers and windows should roll back to the old ones by opening device manager then selecting Universal Serial Bus devices. Right click the Aillio LTD-Bullet and choose “Uninstall device”

Then tick off “Delete the driver software for this device”, then click “Uninstall”

Now, unplug the bullet, plug it back in look in the device manage again. If the Aillio LTD still shows up under the “Universal Serial Bus devices” then repeat the above two steps once more.
Finally the Aillio should be found under the libUSB-win32 devices as shown below:

Problem: I imported my json files from the legacy RoasTime to the new RoasTime 2.0.X but not all profiles are shown correctly or some temperatures are not correct
Why is this happening: You may have incorrectly imported the json files found in the Aillio folder. Please export the roast profiles first, then import the folder containing the exported profiles.
Solution: Open the legacy RoasTime. Right click on the list of profiles and select “Export all profiles”. A new folder is created named Exported and these files should be dragged into the new RoasTime.

Problem: I imported my json files from the correct Exported folder but my data is incorrect
Why is this happening: Bugs and unforseen weird old profiles may not import correctly.
Solution: Try importing the json files again using RoasTime 2.0.6 This newest version should improve the importing part.


Hi there! I’m having the same driver problem after I updated the firmware to 606 beta version. After that, I could roast one batch and then I get the notifications on my screen about the USB was not recognizable and stop detecting my bullet. The device manager doesn’t show my bullet and tried to install the driver update through the roast time interface and after extracting the file the process stops when tries to install it (the install window just closes up).

When I try to install it from the device manager and choose the same folder where the file is it says “The third party does not contain digital signature information”

Could you please share the latest stable driver version for x64?
I’m desperate I need to keep roasting!

If it does not show up somewhere in device manager then it is a hardware problem, most likely a cable issue. Please try with a new cable, new USB port.
There are no new versions of the driver.

Rather than ask my question with a new thread, I thought this might be an appropriate place.

Two years into my Bullet experience, I am roasting away with good success. I generally roast 1 pound (~454 gm) loads and occasionally go up to 500-550 gm and down to 340-350 gm. I don’t do many back to back roasts. My roasting is for me, my family and some friends.

V2 bullet
old Mac MacBook Air computer running Big Sur 11.7 OS

I see all the issues when folks try to update firmware. My roaster came with version 556 andI have not attempted to upgrade. As I mentioned, I have had no issues with 556 so far roasting as described above.

Is there ANY reason for me to upgrade to latest firmware versions? Thanks!


Probably not the best answer, but I’m a firm believer that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

That said, I update to every available f/w beta as soon as it’s released. I’m testing s/w so it feels like something I should do. And I should mention that there are some recent changes that might benefit owners with 120VAC power boards who are roasting 1 kg batches. Would these updates affect what you’re doing? I have no clue!


Here’s the f/w change log- starts at 562 but maybe you’ll see something that is of interest.

Update Log

Firmware: 606
Experimental version where the exhaust fan runs at F1 during preheat in order to cool down IBTS and decrease dirt build-up.
Adjusted allowed IGBT frequency for 120V boards even further to increase power at very low line voltages.

Firmware: 605
Increased allowed IR Ambient to 80C
Adjusted allowed IGBT frequency for 120V boards to increase power at very low line voltages.
Added USB command for LED display blink start / stop

Firmware: 602
Fan setting FA now allowed if cooling tray is < C4
Bug fix for V1 & V1.5 Control boards sounding buzzer at startup
More power for 230V induction boards used with lower input voltage and high drum temp

Firmware: 596
More power for 120V induction boards used with lower input voltage
Allows higher temperature on IGBTs - helps with error 32

Firmware: 595
Better support for 120V induction boards used with lower input voltage

Firmware: 591
Support for new Bullet control board revision with new components

Firmware: 584
Minor bug fixes. Added new USB messages for induction board debugging

Firmware: 580
New induction board user settings to eliminate edge case of no drum reported

Firmware: 575
Added Chaf message in Display when chaff collector is removed during pre-heat
Lowered max fan speed during roasting and bean cooling.

Firmware: 566
Support for new certified Bullets. Added new IR sensor support

Firmware: 565
Bug fixes, new sensor support

Firmware: 562
Increased max IGBT temp to 98C deg

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@geoffrey FWIW I’m on a V2 with f/w 562 which is what was shipped with my Bullet when I received it. Based on what I’m doing for roasting even at 1kg I haven’t had a reason to attempt a f/w upgrade. Back in April of this year when SCA had their expo in Boston I had the opportunity to meet several of the folks from the Aillio team, including Jacob. I asked him about the f/w upgrade and the issues with doing the upgrade. He flat out told me that if everything is working for me then there is no reason to do the upgrade.

I know for some folks who had upgraded and roasting 1kg, being able to access F0 was desired for how they roast. With 562 I can only go as low as F1 which for me right now is sufficient for how I’m doing a bit of the heat soak after charging. I’m in the "if it ain’t broke don’t upgrade"camp :upside_down_face: That said I may upgrade in the future when there is significantly less issues with upgrading.

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Thanks to both of you.

I appreciate the reassurance that I’m not missing anything.

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Mmm… well I’m not sure you’re ‘not missing anything’, but you should be comfortable that there won’t be any ‘unwanted guests’ in the roast! :slight_smile:


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