Firmware problem

i just updated my roast world 2 to 3, and the problem happend were i tried to updted my roaster to 553 stable update, i use the original cable, for some how when i stert the updte there a window showed telling that there is disconnection hapeend!
then it connected again the roast time show a yellow dot with (roaster issue v2) i went to update and did the updating it went good BUT after that nothing happened no light on screen 2 beeps and fan sound going fast what to do

Hey @abdullah

What you described is normal behaviour - the roaster resets a couple times during update, did you try to do anything during this time? Did you unplug/replug everything in? If you did all this, your roaster is in bootloader mode and needs to be manually reset. You can email the support team and they will send you instructions.