Firmware update prevents use of Roast Time 1, how to go back?

After the latest firmware update my Bullet stopped communicating with Roast Time 1. I then downloaded Roast Time 2 and the Bullet worked again. Unfortunately Roast Time 2 does not produce .json files that can be exported to Profile Tool for analysis and documentation. I am reluctant to do any roasts in RT2 for this reason. I am asking Aillio for help in restoring my Bullet to functionality with Roast Time 1 so I can properly catalog, note, and analyze my roasts.

  1. If you updated from an old firmware then you need to reinstall the USB drivers only, because we have gotten our own USB ID for the Bullet (this new USB ID is needed for having the software certified later on)

  2. If you installed RT2 (new version) and want to go back to RT1 (old windows version) then you need to uninstall the drivers and delete the drivers. You can do this from Device Manager under the USB devices in the bottom. After uninstalling driver reconnect the USB and do this a second time, then re-install the driver as you would for RT1

However, with RT2 all profiles are synchronized to the cloud and you can analyse your profiles online with the roast analyse feature. The functionality will gradually be increased, so this is the way forward. There are updates coming out weekly.

If there are some features missing that you would like us to implement we are all ears.


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Thank you Jacob, I will give this a try.

I see that RT2 is the future for sure. Just want to wait a while for more updates to improve functionality so my workflow can be maintained.

Do you expect the RT2 roast analyze feature to eventually enable similar display, overlay, and analysis tools as Profile Tool does?



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Hi Harlan,

Did you try the roast analyser on What features are you missing?

Hello Jacob,

That helps. I wasn’t aware of the roast analyser. Just had a quick look at it and it looks promising. Will spend some time with it and get back to you with some comments.

Very happy to see that this feature is included.

Is there any written summary of the overall features and how to make use of them with the new Roast Time 2 platform? That could help with some of the tail-chasing folks like me are doing with the change. And maybe help you when we have fewer questions for you to deal with.

Your attention is much appreciated.

Best to you,


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Hi Harlan,

No as of now we don’t have a write up on what is possible. We should work on this to inform people better of the features of RoasTime and, agreed, Will get on it.