Firmware upgrade issue and resolution

After today’s roasting I wanted to update the bullet’s firmware from 566 to 591. It was my first update, I was nervous and it failed.
Right after starting the update, the connection went red and I saw a notification that RT 3.2.4 had lost connection to the bullet. When I eventually restarted the bullet, my heart sank as it only beeped a couple of times but the display remained black. :exploding_head:
After a little bit of research I learned that a dead bullet, beeping 6 times at power on, was actually in bootloader mode, expecting a firmware upgrade. :thinking:
Eventually I got the order right (power on bullet, connect to Linux laptop, start RT) and was able to resurrect my bullet. :partying_face:

At this point I could complain about how bad the software was yadayada but instead I want to thank @jacob, @mcaillio and the whole team that they gave me a system that could recover from catastrophic failure. Thanks you so much for all the work you put in! :bowing_man:



Glad to hear you got it working! For what its worth, its normal for your bullet to disconnect, go red, and get the beeps when updating firmware for next time. There is a bit of a delay from that point to when it starts to actually make progress updating the firmware.