Firmware V432 - Better ROR data

New ROR algorithm with better resolution at high temperature.

To update your firmware to beta V432, please use RoasTime, click Settings -> Updates -> Check for beta FW. Then type the password: improvements in the box to the right of the Check for beta FW button. Please read below!

If you have an older Bullet you will have to re-install the windows drivers after updating the firmware. After updating, start Roastime and check that the Bullet connects. If not, download the drivers USB DRIVERS and follow the guide carefully. There is no need to re-install RoasTime.

Should you experience any issues, please report them here or to Aillio support on facebook or email.

Happy roasting.



hi thanks it works but my bullet is from dec 7hundered something that is older :smile:, I had to update USB Driver gosh how nasty is windows…

hope soon same roast time comfort on mac

Agree, windows is making it more difficult, but glad you got it working! We have new Mac software coming out soon :slight_smile:

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Another Mac user here - is the firmware upgrade something that I could apply using the Windows software and yet still use the Mac version of RoastTime for my roasting? Or is that not supported? I’m content enough with the Mac experience to keep using it, but I’m curious to see if the updated firmware would improve my experience.

Yes, you could apply it using windows and it will still be compatible with Mac.

I ran this update yesterday and am very happy with the improvements - especially with the ROR.

Yes, 434 is much better! Especially RoR.

why my r1 using 432 is not stable?it will have 0016,0512,0528,A-04 these error code

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What firmware were you using before?

My firmware is now is the windows software version.
The firmware is the code in the Bullet. You can see this number if you open the info pane in RoasTime.
Do you remember what firmware you had before you updated?

Oh i see it.It’s 397