First 3 roasts after seasnoning

These are the first 3 roasts i did after seasoning. I have no idea what this means, if this is good, or what is wrong. Let me know but understand i am knew to roasting, bullet, reading this chart, etc.

I tried the Espresso Test last night (aprox 36 hours after roasted) and i did not like the taste. I bought the beans from commercial roaster and also bought some beans that they roasted to compare taste. I have not tried theirs yet, so maybe it is just a coffee that doesn’t appeal to me, but feedback is always good.

Also to note, i am not sure i called yellowing at the right time, and i have a hard time hearing difinitive start of first and second crack. I can hear cracking, but it isnt as pronounced as i expected with the sound of everything else moving. At this point, it is more of just a guess.

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@chadth Personally, I don’t think 36 hrs rest is nearly enough time, especially for espresso. How did it turn out on subsequent days? I like to get at least 7-10 days on my 'spro before putting 9bars to it