First Roast of the DaY

Hello, I am just wondering if all of you Bullet roasters consider your first roast of the day “sell quality”. In Scott Rao’s book, he mentions that the first roast of a session is more or less to prime the roaster for the day, and he doesn’t consider that roast of the best quality. What is y’all’s experience with this? Any best practices for us bullet users as I know not all of his advise translates to an electric roaster. TIA

Well, I fail to see the difference between, let’s say a 160°C and a 160°C. But hey, maybe it’s just me. Of course, you can’t just reach the temperature and dump the beans in. The roaster must be preheated properly. On warm days it might be sufficient to go 30 minutes, but on colder ones you should go to around 40. You know, heat is heat and it’s there. If it’s true for the Bullet, it must be true for Giesen W6 too, or someone wants to tell me that the infrared heat is somehow different from induction heat? It’s just heat. If you see bad results, just preheat longer. I haven’t experienced a difference with proper preheating routines.

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I don’t remember who posted the idea but what I’ve been doing for my 455g roasts is PH to 300C, wait for the charge prompt, then cycle though to the back to back PH option and drop the temp to my desired setting, and wait again for the charge prompt.

Having neither the sensitivity of palate nor the patience to prove to myself scientifically that this approach works better than just preheating to some temperature, all I can say about it is that at an intuitive level, this should get more of the roaster to the desired temperature more quickly for the first (and only, in my case) batch.

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I just used your suggestion. Roasted two 500g back-to-back Burundi Natural’s. Roasted to bean temp of 208C and had very even results. Will be doing this on all first roasts going forward

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I do this as well. PH to 310C, then cycle back down to PH temp for the roast. Allow a 30 minute warm up period before roasting to get the roaster thoroughly heated. First roast can still sometimes have a little variability, but its minimal. Less warm up time/thermal energy in the machine seems to correlate with increased variability on that first roast. First roast(s) is also a 2nd crack roast so any flavor discrepancies are less likely to be noticed.