Force cooling start up


I have had the bullet for almost 2 years now. Awesome machine. I have a problem that i can’t seam to resolve. The bullet won’t start like normal. It start with the fan at FA and does not start up the main screen. After a few minutes its start beeping and giving me different errors. I can’t get the bullet to pre heat. Then i take it into roast mode and it start building up heat. Any idea what could be going on? Please any help would be great. It is still a old model V1. ErC 528 was the last error


If you haven’t already, it would be good to start a trouble ticket with Aillio so they can guide the trouble shooting ( -> Contacts). They’ll probably ask what f/w revision you’re using (current f/w is 558 I believe). And they’ll ask which s/w revision (I was using RT 2.5.5-stable successfully).

My Bullet is similar in age but was V1.5.

I looked in the current on-line manual and don’t see ErC 528 listed, but that could mean there were 2 errors detected simultaneously. I don’t know what the f/w does to build the error code but it might be as simple as (1) ambient temperature too high and (2) input voltage too high. And to my uninformed eye that seems like a plausible combination.

Whatever, it would seem you could use Aillio’s help.