Found Kona

I just found a 5 LB. bag of Kona coffee, sealed in the original foil bag. Only problem is it has to be about 14 years old, sitting in the trunk of my car ! I got this right before my Hottop broke. If it is not moldy I will try to roast it. Will keep you informed, maybe, if I don’t die from it.

Lol. Be safe out there!!! :joy:

Just opened the bag and the beans looked a little whitish BUT no mold, didn’t smell bad at all, moisture was 12.6 %. Vacuumed sealed them in 4 bags, definitely will try to roast them!

Vacuum sealed is promising. Hope it works out because Kona too good to have go to waste :slight_smile:

O K so I roasted the Kona 2 days ago, broke a bean between my fingers and it smelled good. Today I brewed a pot of coffee with the Kona and it seems a little weak, tastes watered down. I am drinking it right now and the more I drink the better it tastes ! But something seems to be missing? Will try adding more beans tomorrow, after all it did sit in the trunk of my car for about 10 years plus a couple in my house.

Crazy! Hope you French pressed it. Best way to enjoy Kona imho


Ahh. Gotcha. Never tried one. I have way too many types of brewer options already lol