Front door screws

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having an excellent day :wink:

Today I was deeply cleaning my Bullet as I usually do and I wanted to ask something that has happened to me since my Bullet is new.

When I take out the front door to clean the glass, I always have problems screwing it back in, if I put the screws tight the door remains slightly open and does not close completely.

I feel like the LockPickingLawyer adjusting the 4 door screws very carefully, looking for the balance that it is tight without it being open, but it is always a little loose.

It is normal? Do this also happen to someone else?

Greetings!!! :coffee:

I assume you’re talking about the bottom lip of the door catching on the face plate? I’ve had this problem since my Bullet was new. The problem also can be worse or better depending on whether the machine is hot or cold. The only way I’ve found to adjust it is to slightly tighten the screws, test the door fit by closing and adjust as necessary. Then finish tightening the screws.

do you test that the front bearing is seated correctly?