Full Batch Roasting (1kg)

Hey All! I’ve been following this Bullet roaster for going on 5 years now and finally found one in stock to purchase - so I made my move and got it on the way. I’ll have it next week before the holiday. I’m excited.

I wanted to see how many of you are really driving this roaster at it’s maximum capacity to take advantage of efficiency with regards to sizes of roasts. Looking to lock in on and save some roast profiles from those of you who are doing this so I can study and feel prepared to put it into action when it arrives.

Thanks in advance. I’m excited to finally be able to join this community and to learn from all of our collective experience as time marches forward.

Perhaps it’s a typo, but the maximum roast size is 1 kg (about 2.2 lbs) not 2 kg.

My batch size is always 550 gm which yields about 1 lb of roasted coffee.


yes, typo indeed. Thanks for catching that.

As I recall earlier versions of the Bullet, probably with the V1 power board for 115 VAC power source had some trouble roasting a full kg so some trimmed down to an 800 gm batch. As I understand it the new V2 power board for the 115 VAC source can reach full power so that isn’t (shouldn’t be!) an issue any longer.


And I neglected to say congratulations on you purchase! When do you expect the Bullet to arrive?


Thanks @bab I appreciate it. Should be here on Tuesday but with how shipping has been of late, it may be Wednesday of next week. I’m eager to dive in! I’ve been scouring this board pretty heavily in the last 24 hours with high anticipation of the arrival of my V2.

And yes, I would have gone with the 240v model but with the updates, they seem to stand by their claim of full 2kg batches as intended so I stuck with the more widely accepted 110v option for ease of placement and use should i be using this at any time away from what will be it’s ‘home base’.

I see you are extremely active on the board and widely respected by this community and from my perspective, it’s well deserved. I am not surprised you are the first to reply to my first post! That said, great to meet you and my gratitude for your contributions to the community at large!

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Thanks… very kind. But there are many here that are better coffee roasters than I! Punching buttons is one thing but anticipating how to handle specific beans is a skill that’s still ‘a work in progress!’

So with the time available you’ll want to find a source of greens to get you thru seasoning… Sweet Maria’s doesn’t have much that you would think of as ‘throw-away’ beans!


I’ve got a place locally to run down to and grab enough green for seasoning :slight_smile:

Knowing myself well, I’m sure I’ll season the unit same day as I receive it. Looking forward to the hands-part without a doubt.

I have been roasting 1kg batches regularly and haven’t had any issues. I put in a dedicated 20amp power source just for the bullet.

Royal crown jewel offerings often times show bullet profiles that you might take a look at.

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Thanks for that. I, too, will be working off of a 20amp dedicated circuit. I don’t anticipate any issues there.

I’ll look up Royal Crown and see what I come up with.

Thank You!

I think I saw where mill city roasters actually sells old expired beans suitable for seasoning. Might be worth checking out.

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Royal Coffee does show roasting profiles for some of their ‘Crown Jewel’ selections as noted by @asodestrom in this thread. Really nice high end coffees in 22 lbs boxes. I’m pulling the trigger on a few of them.

I haven’t been roasting 1kg batches yet (mostly 500g) but @cash0612 has been doing that for a while. I’m studying their profiles in prep to try a 1kg batch soon. Maybe they have some tips to share.

I guess RW will be displaying the iROR one of these days. Ever since they have enabled iROR on RT, I have been using that as the general guide for my profile after I mark yellowing, usually at 160℃.

I have been only roasting 1KG lots, so can’t say about lesser batches, but for my own, using D along with P and F has helped in achieving FC under 11mins in most cases. The lowest D I use is 7, which like 8 adds momentum/heat. D9 causes a drop.

One particular bean of ours has a tendency to crash after FC. A drop in P every 5℃ from 180℃ onwards mitigates it to some extent and better than an increase in P right after FC. Meanwhile, a D8 gives me a much smoother iROR curve after yellowing than a D9, especially for higher altitude, denser beans.