Fume extractor?

Moved to an apartment. Exhaust pipe through the window is not a feasible option here.

So was unsure what to do. But a recent post from aillio Copenhagen on FB/IG showed a fume extractor.

I think the model in the picture is: https://eleshop.eu/fe2w-powerful-fume-extractor.html

Thats not the cheapest option. Would something like this suffice? https://eleshop.eu/fe1w-fume-extractor.html. I only roast 2 times a month, about 3 kg/session.

Whats the technical volume requirement?

Anyone else has a setup like this that works?

Was in contact with Steffen, who said they got a lot of questions on the setup. He promised to get back with experience once they have tested it out!

If you are looking at a fume extractor, i am assuming you do not have any exhaust fans in your new apartment that vent to the outdoors?

I’ve used them on soldering benches, but not for roasting - they do what they are supposed to, but they are large devices (washing machine sized)

Same as any other power extraction, you will have to be careful of too much active venting pressure (“suction”) pulling heat out of the roaster.

Yes no exhaust to the outside. So it would be great with a solution which cleans the air. Looks like the models I listed allows the suction to be adjusted.

So no windows open at all, not even partially?

I am looking at one of these from Bunnings local hardware store @ $169 AUD and considering running exhaust tubing to exhaust fan in bathroom or kitchen. Length of exhaust ducting is the issue I think?

I was wondering if finally you have chosen one and if you were happy with it?

If anyone has advices for a fume treatment and extractor available in Europe I would be much appreciated!
I have a bullet used in a city where I cannot reject outside fume.

I do woodworking, and there are solutions for cleaning the air and venting back inside. I have found that 100CFM (cubic feet per minute) is not enough volume and am upgrading to 200CFM. Also, when selecting a filter, there are particulate filters (for sawdust, say) and chemical filters. I think for coffee you might want a chemical filter but not sure.
The best source for filters in the USA that I have found is WEN enterprises.
For fans, I use the quiet ones so I can hear first crack. They are designed and marketed for ventilating grow tents.

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Hey, did you end up buying this? how did it go?

Sorry, have been off the planet recently with Covid

Not yet, moving to a cafe fitted container which already has an extraction fan built in, so will give that a go first to see how it performs.