FW 540/RT 2.5.5 problems


Just updated to FW 540 & RT 2.5.5 Stable. Two problems so far:

  1. Back to back no longer works. Fan Speed window now shows F0 instead of Cn. Used to be when fan speed was lowered to zero roaster would go back into preheat. Now it just goes to “Off”.

  2. If you bring up Settings now during a roast and make some changes, when you exit back (with “cancel”) the graph is a mess. The temperature plot has jumped many degrees and it is now showing times from the previous roast, not the current one. Had to exit RT and run on manual.



Yes, it always comes in handy to know how to roast manually if necessary. I’m still an Artisan user, so can’t help on the RT/FW, but hope they get those releases sorted for you. It’s been so long since I changed the FW on my Bullet, can you easily revert back to your prior RT and FW versions?


I can revert back on RT, not sure about the FW. I am usually loath to upgrade when everything is working, and this is a good example of why. People had reported these updates as working. As usual I am able to find bugs where others do not - it’s a talent I have… :slight_smile:

The FW bug is the most annoying because I usually do back-to-back roasts. I’m a bit surprised that this wasn’t tested and that no one has hit it until now. The bypass is to just let it cool down a bit and then start preheat again, which isn’t really a big deal.



I’m the same way about my coffee roasting and especially with altering firmware on my Bullet. That is why I’m still waaay back there in Bullet FW releases. I’ve participated in many beta tests of products over the years for things where being on the “bleeding edge” was acceptable. I even find it fun to help developers solve problems through being the proverbial “guinea pig”.

But my coffee roasting is another thing all together where I want no surprises and consistent dependability. I’m still exploring the depths of tweaking roasts on my Bullet and beta firmware issues would only get in the way of my experiments. :grin:


re: RT 2.5.5(.227)-stable… to do back-to-back hit the F1 button (you’ll see BAC displayed), then PRS to go to Preheat. Btw, you have to keep track of the number of Commits associated with a version. If the number changes (increases) it indicates a revision that may or may not be reflected in the Production Release number (the .227 I have in parentheses).

Other versions (-alpha, -beta, -internal) may have other improvements that help, but I dropped back to -stable because it corrects a Temp display issue when reviewing profiles.

What you describe with exiting Settings sounds like what happens with Overlay mode when you drop the Overlay and then turn it back on… like a visual crash that gets worse if you repeat it.




Thanks for the reply. I know how to do back-to-back, that was never a question. However, with this firmware update, the way it works appears to have changed, and I do not think it works correctly now. Perhaps the procedure has changed, but where is the documentation from Aillio indicating this?

In my first post I said I updated to RT 2.5.5-Stable. Why would I need to keep track of commits? Wouldn’t “stable” mean it’s not being changed any more?



I found you had to change the display mode to Cn before pressing F1 for back to back mode otherwise you can only see the Fan Speed and you’re changing the Cool Fan speed blind. As you note if you accidentally get to C0 the roaster goes to Off. I did report it but it’s still there in FW540. Less of a problem now I use the cooling tray replacement from CoffeeTea on Facebook.


Thank you! that is very helpful. Finally someone with a real answer!


No. And that’s probably because they don’t track configuration identity the way you think they do. Every time the Commits number changes within a given release identity, something has changed in the code you get from GitHub. Maybe executables, maybe comments, maybe a compiler setting… no idea what. RT 2.5.5-stable has had 7 different versions. On only the 2nd version did the Product Release number change; it stayed the same for the remaining 5. Each of those 7 versions has a different commit number. And the Product Release number changed only once.

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