FW Update from 533 -> 538


@jacob - See photo.


Here is a roast I feel is way under powered. 700g drop at 590F and pretty much had to keep it full power the entire way. Very light first crack. barely got to second. and got there slower than I would like.


2 roast later, everything runs as expected…

Yes, I realize that it is different beans roasted to a different level, but just look at the temps and power setting difference between the 2 roast up to first crack. Neither roast was the first one, both after back to backs.


The info panel shows you only have 100V - which for your version 1.5 would mean a lot less power. Ideally you would have 120V.
Try another power outlet, check your power cords (must be thick)
Monitor the voltage throughout the roast. Sometimes the voltage will drop if another apparatus turns on like a fridge, heater or aircon…
Last resort would be to get a Variac so you can manually adjust the voltage a bit higher.

FYI in case others are reading this, the V2 power boards are not as sensitive to the net voltage as the V1.5.


Hey @jacob

I have monitored the voltage with a multi meter through the 2nd outlet on the same plug as the roaster. It continually reads between 110V-120V throughout each roast.

The roaster runs on a circuit of its own about 10 feet away from the main power box. There is nothing else on that circuit so no other appliance can be pulling from it. I had it installed specifically for the roaster and the electrician made sure everything was in spec with the roaster, as I had it here for him to check.

I do live in a small remote village so voltage does bounce around a bit, but it has still been staying well above 110V through the roast.

Would there be another reason the roaster isn’t getting the full voltage from the plug? The roaster is plug direct into the outlet and I checked the cable and there is no visible damage.



Also, like I said, I had ~500 perfect roast with no issues. Now things are all over the place. I also don’t remember the last time the machine went from preheat to charge on its own. I have to manually do it.

If I don’t manually go into charge mode is simply just hits the too hot error at ~473F on the bean probe.

I am preheating to 590F on the ITBS for a 700-750g batch.