Graph showing Probe instead of IBTS

Hello peeps, here is a video showing the issue

If you compare the graphs shown of the same roast on RoasTime and Roast World, you can see that RoastWorld is showing the probe ROR even though in the settings I have chosen IBTS.

Please fix this, I don’t trust the probe readings (my graphs look prettier with the IBTS readings!)


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IBTS ROR from what I remember is not supported yet on RW but we are working on it.

Hi Jacob,
Thanks, well, I look forwards to that, the probe ROR is very different sometimes and I am sure the IBTS is much more accurate.

Now that i-ROR is enabled, and immensely useful after the yellowing phase to guide the roast profile, can it also be displayed on Roast World profiles. I use both the ROR and i-ROR for my roasts, though my BT is set as the primary probe, I use the IBTS readings to guide my roasts. It would be great to have both ROR readings available for viewing and analyzing on Roast World.

Meanwhile, the filter in the Analyzer appears to be malfunctioning. Even after selecting specific beans, the Analyzer looks to be populated with some extra profiles.

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