Great to have one common Bullet R1 forum - Category request

I am so happy to see this forum created :+1:
Finally one common platfor that is not controlled by FaceBook and their limiting grouping and searching feature.
Many themes, hacks and requests about the Bullet has been discussed on various forums for the last two years. I feel inclined to move some of mine over here - and hope you will do the same. And we might need some additional Categories to do that:

  1. The hacking and modding corner (External ventilation systems, Bean cooler, Chaff filters, Listening for FC, Thermo probes)
  2. Suggestions for new features (Hardware, Sowftware, Firmware, Mechanics)

Anything else?


Hi Mr. Lav

I have created 2 Categories - Bullet R1 Hacks and Feature Suggestions (Hardware, Firmware and roastime )
For the Bullet R1 Hacks I will leave it at one category. If it gets more busy there I will divide it up.

Would bee great to get some of your previous “hacks” posted here to get started.


Gret idea to bring the community together! Looking forward to share experiences and gain knowledge from other users!

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Can we please have a category called “Roast Profiles” where we can upload and share roasts and help others whom are having trouble with their profiles?

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Hi John!

At the moment, we’re not planning a separate Roast Profile category for the Roast World forums because the social media platform itself will include the ability to upload and comment on profiles. For now I would direct you to the Roasting on the Bullet category to discuss such things…

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+1, I would love to share roast profiles but a way to organize or tag them would be incredible. I know there are a lot of bean sources out there but some basic tags for the majors would go a long way. That way the first time I purchase a particular yirg from bodhi leaf, for example, I can learn from the multiple people before me that have already experimented with that particular bean.

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@Eric - Then you’re going to love what we have coming soon. :slight_smile:


I second the enthusiastic welcome of a FB-free zone for sharing ideas, asking questions, and talking about great roasting! Thank you, Aillio guys!