Green bean sourcing in Europe

I am in western France. There doesn’t seem to be an abundance of green bean suppliers here in Europe that cater to the home roaster, that is to say, someone looking to buy in the 5k to 10k range. I have found a few good places, such as 88graines in Paris. Are there any others on this site roasting in Europe and buying in small quantities? And, if so, where are you sourcing from? Thanks a bunch!

Koepoort Koffie in Netherlands maybe

Thanks Andrei! That is what I was looking for. I received a few other leads over the last few days. I will share them here in case anyone else is trying to source from Europe.

The Green Coffee Collective (UK)

Rjavi Tukan: Slovenian supplier of green coffee from a few farms in Brazil

Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee: Spanish supplier of green coffee from Africa

Falcon Micro Specialty Coffee (UK) – small selection of green coffee


I could sell you small quantities, but it’s only specialty coffee. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished building my site, but that’s not an obstacle. The site should be done before the end of the year, but I’m doing everything by myself, so it takes a bit longer. Right now you, or anyone else, may send me a message, if you so wish, and I’ll reply with the prices and all the info. I’m in Northern Italy. Will update my profile on Roast World once the site is completed. I’m very small, but here are some bigger players that you might prefer… | Shop
Buy green coffee in small quantities (1kg / 5kg / 15kg) | Roast Rebels
Rohkaffee kaufen für das Kaffeerösten zu Hause | Rohkaffeebohnen

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Hey, thanks for mentioning us @brad_walker00.3hzv

I’m Importing Brazilian green coffee from our own farm and some partner farms in the Cerrado region. Green and roasted coffee is available across Europe. I actually discovered the home roasting community because of the Bullet, and I love that so many people are deciding to roast their own coffee. I hope to stay in touch with everyone roasting our coffees to exchange opinions and advice, always striving to perfect the roast profile of our coffees. We’re looking forward to meeting you all. :slight_smile:

As Brad already mentioned, this is our website:

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