Green blending

Can we please get a green blending option with the ability to track more than 1 bean in inventory. this is essential. Tracking only 80% of my inventory defeats the purpose.
Please! Please! Please!
and thank you…
I would actually like to be able to look at beans roasted vs beans sold. this is a major gap from a business point of view…


If you have some idea of how this would work in details we are very eager to hear from you.
Pre / Post blend is something we would like to work on in the future, but figuring out how exactly the system should work is the most time consuming part of such a project.

Hi Jacob,
I’m not a programmer so from a software point of view I’m not sure. I’m a commercial roaster who has been using cropster for over 8 years. In that software you can line blend percentages from green inventory. By the way do you guys have a updated timeline for AIO? had to ask…

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This is a cool idea. I think, from a program perspective, in the Roast data you’d still have the green weight but in the coffee selection you can have an option to “add a 2nd/3rd/4th bean”. Once selected, you are given a percentage field that is restricted to numbers 1-100. It auto-calculates the input percentage against the total green weight and applies that to the overall bean inventory.

As a roaster I hadn’t even thought of green blending…. Interesting…

EDIT: maybe a percentage is more complicated than it needs to be. Maybe total green weight could auto-sum based on inputs for each green coffee (in grams). You’d just want some field validation or calculations to ensure that green weight (or gw%) inputs don’t exceed total green weight or 100%


From a UI, I this would work. Some way to add additional beans with a + and then assign a % of the total weight per bean would be fairly straight forward. I would love this. I had a few blends I did pre roasts this would be a welcome improvement. @jacob

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I’d love people’s thoughts on roasting blends of green beans. I had small amounts of “leftover” Sumatra, Kenya peaberry, Congo, and Sulawesi beans so I decided to mix them into a 700 gram batch, not knowing what to expect. I’ve found all my beans reach first crack in the 195-198 degree (C) range so it seemed doable. I’d met a winery owner recently who said he likes to mix grapes in the crush phase of winemaking rather than blending the juices after because during the crush there are distinct chemical reactions among the various grapes. So, I wondered if blending green beans would similarly lead to interesting chemical reactions in the drum during roasting.

Interesting idea. I just read another thread about someone asking for the RoastTime software to allow for multiple green bean inputs. I’m unfamiliar with the science and haven’t experimented in this regard… yet. Very interested though.

Hey @jim2751,

I merged your post with this post as they are on the same topic. As Jacob mentioned, we have been thinking about implementing this feature but we’re still working on figuring out how exactly it should work. Feel free to comment with any suggestions you have on this topic.


I would love this feature. I do roasting primarily for myself and a few friends/relatives. I always get small amounts of remaining beans as I roast down my inventory and I like to experiment with two to three separate green bean blends. I get some very excellent green bean blend roasts out of this and I then end up putting this info into the “comments” section, the beans/weight/percentage. This is a pain because I have to go through my roasts manually to find ones I like, to then recreate again, or write it down on a piece of paper. So I am a further vote for this program functionality.

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I do negative adjustments to the constituent beans involved, and create a new “blend” bean and make a positive adjustment for the total weight. I note in the negative adjustments which blend they are going to, and in the blend bean positive adjustment I note the weight and percentage of the constituent beans. Then I roast referencing the blend bean. It’s the only way I can keep track of what I’m doing and maintain correct inventory.

that’s a nice workaround! bit of a hassle if playing around with a bunch of different small quantity blends, but better than nothing for sure.

after many years of making drip coffee only, I just bought a lever espresso machine, so will give this a try as I do more blended roasts

this could actually be a nice underlying implementation for the desired feature of ad-hoc blending in the roast info dialog - the user enters multiple beans and amounts, along with a blend name, and underneath the covers it creates a new “blend bean” and does the inventory manipulations.

at a later time your can do another roast with that blend bean and green coffee weight and it will just do the inventory math part

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My grinder is 15 years old and I can’t access the finest settings due to a bit of damage to the bean hopper that makes it thing that the hopper is unlocked when twisted all the way round. Ordered a J Max but it’ll be a few weeks before it gets to me from Taiwan, so now I wait patiently…