Hi all
Just wanted to say hello. I’ve been home roasting on a Behmor for a few years and upgraded ( I hope) to a bullet a few months ago. Still trying to figure things out. At this point more bad roasts than good but things have been coming around lately. This is my first time on any forum and i’m not very computer savvy so I hope I haven’t messed this up too much
Cheers Barry

Hey Barry, welcome! What beans are you roasting? Have you found anyone else’s roasts of them on Roast.World? Seeing what others do can be pretty helpful.

  • Brad

Welcome to the community Barry

Hi Barry
As a relative newbie when I received my Bullet, I followed the 350g recipe in the manual and stuck with 350g batches and experimented until I understood the impact of each change I made in a roast. I probably did 20-25 batches at 350g with different PH, power modulation changes, experiments with Fan Speed and Drum speed settings, before I even tried larger batches and other beans. This was a good base of knowledge for me and I now think I understand much more about changes I make or need to make from roast to roast.

Hello Brad
I purchased a fairly large quantity of Brazil Alta Mogiana Beans and also some Columbia Huila . I figured if I stayed with the same beans for a while it would be easier to figure some things out. It also lowers the cost per pound quite considerably. The Brazil beans are natural process , which i’ve been wondering was a mistake to start with. It’s taken me a while to get some decent results.

Hi Snidely
I have been roasting on a Behmor for a few years and was usually pretty happy with the results. For the most part I used the preprogramming and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately my work schedule changed about the same time I bought the Bullet and I haven’t had much spare time for experimenting. I have been reading Rao’s books but when I try to apply his ideas , (or my interpretation of them ), for the most part the results haven’t been good. I’ve gotten some advice from someone local , who uses a bullet for sample roasting , and the results have defineatly been better, but what he suggests seems to go against most of Rao’s ideas.
I have some time off now and hope to spend some time with the Bullet amidst catching up on things around the house.

Thanks Jacob

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