Grinding for a customer immediately after roasting

Anyone here have experience with grinding coffee for customers the same day it was roasted ? I have some coffee to mail out and they want it ground for French Press but I’m curious if grinding it now VS waiting a few days before grinding and mailing out the order will effect the flavour profile of the coffee ?


I only grind and drink espresso, so might not be the same as french press. However, when I grind the coffee on the same day, I find it lacks some taste. Waiting a few days allows the coffee to reach it’s full potential (on most beans I’ve roasted so far).

I roasted some fresh coffee for a trip, and vaccum sealed it (in 18g doses), and found that even sealed it didn’t taste as good after 7 days or so. So even when sealed, grinded coffee seem to age much faster and result in a lesser experience.

Since your customer is probably used to pre-grinded coffee experience, I don’t think it be much of an issue if you grind it after you roast it.


No worries! I have ground up freshly roasted coffee on multiple occasions for my customers and they still loved the coffee so you should be good, besides people who are really really super fussy about coffee usually own a hand grinder of some sort capable of simple grinding.