"grrrrrrr" drum not working

i am shaking right now i were just roasting eth beans and there some freaky sound showes up while roasting, its start weak then stronger and you can feel some shocks not so strong, Boom there are sound like grinding beans in the back(motor side) the shit of it and drum not working. i freaked out running my fingers throw cables and plug the roaster off!!! i put the “ON FIRE” roaster in my shoulders and throw the beans out
i took of the face of the roaster like cleaning to make it cool down. what is the problem? is it broken? thats it?

UPDATE: i checked the back the sound IS NOT from the pulley the is nothing touching it. it appear even if i twist the drum with my hands, from what i hear it under the drum it self

update2: i found it its here

but the problem is the motor will be tight only 3 or so seconds then it slips to be loose again and the “da da da da da” appear again…what to do?

Make sure nothing is preventing the drum from spinning. Make sure there are no beans stuck under the drum. Do you have a spring to tighten the motor pulley? All newer bullets have this. You can attach a photo of the motor+pulley.

@jacob I just retrofitted the spring to my motor pulley - does that mean the upper screw should no longer be tightened down to allow the spring to self adjust ? Or is the spring there to provide an initial tension which you use to lock down the upper screw ?

There should be an extra spring washer between the big upper screw and chassis, so that the tension is less than it was before. Then the spring should keep it under tension.

I think that got missed in my upgrade package then - I got the metal sprint and replacement plastic washers x2 for each screw…could you share a photo of what it would look like ?

Same here. I also just did this replacement recently, but I don’t remember an extra washer in there. There is also no mention of it in the Google Doc on replacing the motor spring that Matt sent me (I’d link but can’t access it right now).