Handling Request: Beans and Vendors handled by community

Hi Guys,
I’m quite new to RoastWorld, but I noticed that the handling of the vendor and bean knowledge base has some shortcomings on usability and maintainability.

  1. The correction or enhancement of information is limited to self created beans and vendors. It seams that only the owner of an entry can modify it, resulting in many duplicates and incomplete entries.

  2. The unlinking of beans from own inventory is not possible. This is already mentioned in previous threads. It would suffice, on Edit operation, to unhide the “Add to My Bean Inventory so I may track inventory *” checkbox.

  3. Deletion of beans and vendors is missing. If I insert a wrong entry by myself, I cannot delete it. If a vendor’s bean is not sold anymore, I cannot archive it (archive instead of delete in case we need the historical data of roasts). A check would suffice to see if any data is linked, if no data is linked a “Delete” button could be enabled. If somebody or something already linked to the data, maybe we could create a notification where the other owner’s could approve the deletion or to archive.

  4. I’m forced to filter for single filter entries, I cannot filter at once beans of different countries linked to distributor from my country. A multi-selection of filter entries would be really nice

  5. Lastly it is my understand that the amount of duplicates and incorrect/incomplete data will lead to an increased difficulty to sanitize these information in order to use them efficiently by the user and by future AI based data processing (I have a memory that this was mentioned as future target on some article or post of yours). I would like to point you to Discogs.com for an (heavy) example of user managed knowledge base. The handling of countries, LPs, versions and collection is similar to the handling of beans, roasts and inventory. Maybe this will give you some ideas for the future.

The last one is my main suggestion, it is less work if many people collaborate on a knowledge base than few admins trying to get ahead of such an amount of data alone.

Best regards,

P.S. I have 12 cupping showing on my dashboard, I’ve never done one.