Heat crash w/ no error

First time I had a problem yesterday with what seemed like a power crash early in the roast.
After a long 30 min pre-heat and initial ROR spike my temps flatlined and ROR crashed like no additional power was being added (although I was at P9).
No error messages seemed to be displayed and no beeping.
Any clues as to what was going on? Could it have been a fan problem that stopped power?

I ended up unplugging and replugging in the machine for a reset. Then it fired back up and started heating again. It worked OK after the unplug and reset. I finished the roast with @10 ROR in 14.5 mins… A very Long pre-yellow phase. But I still don’t know why? It’s probably about time for a deep clean… but why this.

I suspect you must have had Logs entries… did you happen to check for that? Most entries are not decipherable by us, but Aillio Support can help with that as they are all saved on the server. You’ll need to start a Trouble Ticket to get those questions answered and to get some help with whatever happened. The P9 -> P9 transition looks like it happened without your intervention so the roaster was doing something to keep going even though power was actually at P0. Did you happen to notice if the Control Panel was at P0 when this was happening? or if the panel display was showing P9 when power was in fact P0? Support will need that insight.

I’ve seen something along this line happen with my roaster but in my case it’s accompanied by an audible alarm of about 1 sec but no error code is displayed. My Logs entries for this alarm, I’m told, indicate a brief failure in (internal) comms and power goes to P0 and stays there.

A USB failure would show up in RT3 with temps suddenly dropping to zero. I’ve managed to cause that to happen by bumping the USB cable. Re-seating the USB cable restored everything in RT3 and the roast had continued as though nothing had happened, i.e. the control board kept everything running as set.



Hi, I know that is a bit late but I can answer for any future person who had the problem.

It happened to me few times, like that the Bullet “run out of fuel”, when the summer started.

I found out that the induction board was overheating and stopped working suddenly, even when it shows normal power.

This may be due to the hot air that comes out of the cooling tray when you go back to back, and small bits of chaff and smoke (a kind of grey dust) that slowly collect on the fan that cools the induction board.

Solution: Open the lower part of the Bullet and clean it well, put a ducting in the cooling tray so that the air, smoke and dust doesn’t go to the board. Is is too hot in summer, is also very good to put an small fan directed to the board.

After that solution never happened to me again.

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Sounds like a great idea. Let me add…

The cooling tray fan never shuts off. It’s being maintained at something like C2 or C3 speed even when set to C0. I presume this is to provide some air circulation under the power board when the roaster is not in COOL mode (?). I think what you did is excellent for preventing the power shutdown, but it might be wise to add some air movement under the Bullet just for the power board… maybe one of those small USB-rechargeable fans. Some will run for hours without needing to be connected to a USB port.


@bab actually this past weekend when I was doing back to back roasts, the cooling tray fan seemed to shut off in PH mode for the next roast… I was running 3.2.3 though. I don’t recall it doing that with 3.1.9 So not sure did something change with 3.2.3?

@miguel FWIW I find it most effective to run a duct from the cooling tray fan to my exhaust hood. I turn the tray 90 degrees to the side (and this is where I wished that wire is a little longer). The added bonus too is any chaff that escapes the filter is trapped in the duct and I just vacuum it out when I’m done.

Mmm… in that circumstance, the cooling tray fan speed management is a f/w thing… RT3 doesn’t control that. I think we need some input from Matt or Jacob about that.


Thanks Bruce. I just make do with elbow grease… keep stirring with a wooden spoon and dumping it out in a larger colander :slight_smile:

Builds character!! :slight_smile:

I find it very frustrating to control the cooling tray fan between roasts. It seems like I can get it to run in cooling but don’t have the ability to get it on during PH or other times. Am I missing something? It would be nice to running the cooling fan try regardless of what else I’m doing between or during other roasts.

I read in another thread that if you’re doing back to back roasts, you can’t use the RT software to go to next roast (or whatever that prompt is) but have to do it from the Bullet’s PRS button and only then will the cooling tray fan stay running while you PH for the next roast. I haven’t tried using the PRS button for back to back because sometime I want to change the PH temp. I haven’t found clear steps on how to change the PH temp for back to back roasts so that the cooling tray keeps going. I know several people mentioned it can be done…

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