Heating system not working on Bullet R1

Hi folks, I’ve sent a ticket to Aillio but thought I’d see if anyone has had an experience like this or knows what might be the issue.

Experienced roaster here - I think I’ve logged 2650 roasts or so - and because of this I’ve had to figure out ways to clean the harder-to-reach places. The other day I removed the faceplate, sat the bean probe in some Cafiza, cleaned the IR sensor with isopropanol, soaked the chaff filter and impeller fan in Cafiza, and cleaned the bottom panel and circuit board with compressed air. I also was brushing out the exhaust column when it came loose, so I pulled it all the way out, cleaned it, and stuck it back in. I could see the insulation fiber so I’m wondering if that was a bad idea but it slid out and in so easily I didn’t think much of it.

After reassembling the roaster I booted it up for a roast. Initially preheating went fine. The lady told me to “charge” so I did but pretty much immediately after I charged I noticed the temps weren’t following their normal rise. Had to dump the stalled roast and after this point I got no heat whatsoever. I also noticed a blinking red light on the circuit board under the roaster.

No error codes and everything else seems to work fine - fans and controls. Updated firmware, reset many times, checked all internal electrical connections again. I’m using the same outlet I always do.

This might be relevant: in between cleaning the roaster and trying to roast (a couple days), our house lost power momentarily. Not sure this is related though because why would everything else work? Anyway. I’m at a loss. I’m hoping I didn’t royally screw up any vital component. I’ve gone through the same cleaning routine before, and sometimes even more thoroughly, without issue.

I’m going to try plugging it into a different outlet, just in case, since this seems to solve similar issues for other folks. I’ll also look for codes in the Logs tab like @bab suggested for others.

@jacob Help! I have a small roasting biz so I don’t want to keep my customers waiting long (though I know I should have a backup roaster and the Bullet isn’t designed for commercial use :/).

Yikes! You’ve taken a big hit by trying to do the right thing. I don’t have any specific remedy to offer but here’s a couple thoughts…

Not sure what “exhaust column” refers to… ?? Especially in terms of it sliding in/out. Is this the (sort of) trapezoidal cross section exhaust transfer tube? It runs from the bean chute area to the rear and opens into the chaff collector. No idea how or even If it is anchored but there’s nothing about it that would directly keep power from coming on.

I’d be suspicious of the power board. The flashing red lights are specific to power board errors and are coded- 1 thru 14 flashes. You’ll need to tell Support how many flashes you see so they can interpret the potential fault. They’re all related to power board functions.

Compressed air can be your friend unless there’s too much and I don’t have a clue how much is too much. There’s the chance of damage to fragile components at the “too much” end of the scale.


You need to count the amount of LED flashes and tell us or Aillio this. Will indicate why it is not heating.

@jacob Gotcha. It’s blinking 7 times.

@bab yes, that’s the piece. It never moved until this recent cleaning when I stuck a brush into it.

Thanks for your replies! I’m guessing it has to do with the power board, too, or perhaps a dislodged connection from the control board at the terminal end, but we’ll see.

More info for anyone who may know something (I can’t find any info on this in the manual or quick search of the net):

The logs are telling me:
“Error 32769: 7018
Error 32780: 7 Induction no current
Error 131: 64
Error 32780: 7 Induction no current”

hi there, did you ever resolve this? I’m having the exact same issue. Thanks!

i think this was the incident that necessitated a replacement Induction Module. aillio support sent me a new one - hopefully they can help you as well!

@coffeeheroine Did you find a resolution to your bullet not heating? I went to roast tonight and it won’t heat whatsoever.

Please send a ticket to Aillio directly, including your serial number, how many times the LED blinks, any error codes from RoasTime etc.

You can send a support ticket, and also check your S/N and Power board. Ailio will help you out. I had the same issue, and I had a newer power board, so even out of warranty, Julio Nungaray (if you’re in the US) was authorized to send me a new board for no charge. But my case is a rare one from what I’ve heard.

Thanks, @east_alstead . Yes, Ailio support said that if the abient temperature is too low, it won’t heat up, which was the case the evening I tried roasting. Kicked off another roast the night after and worked just fine.

Just curious, what was too low ambient temp when it wouldn’t heat in your case vs. the night after when it worked fine?

Hi @blacklabs - I don’t have a thermometer in my shop where I roast, but Aillio customer care said anything below 10 degrees celsius could cause the unit not to heat. They suggested putting a heater next to the unit to warm it up before pre-heating.

I see this being a common problem in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year.

Will say that it’s an odd mechanism to have built into the induction heating unit of the roaster.

Thanks @prickettroet I am in the northeast US but roast in my kitchen under a range hood vent that vents out. I’m just curious about your environment :slight_smile: