Help! Roasttime wont open

Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I am having some issues opening up roasttime. I deleted and redownloaded the latest version twice and restarted my computer and can’t get it to open!

I ended up downloading an older version and it opened. Does anyone know what’s going on? Thanks!

Hey @jjannotta8oabl ,

Is it a white screen or doesn’t open at all? Are you upgrading from an older version or is this a first time install?

If you are upgrading from an older version, there was a previous issue that sometimes arises with the shared directories. You will need to manually remove those directories. Are you on Windows or MacOS?

On Windows:
C:\Users"YOUR USER NAME"\AppData\Roaming\RoasTime
C:\Users"YOUR USER NAME"\AppData\Roaming\roast-time

On MacOS:
Library>Application Support> RoasTime
Library>Application Support> roast-time

Let me know if this helps or not.


Hi there!

Thanks so much for the comment!

It would just be a white screen and would say “not responding” when I’d click anywhere in the screen.

I already had the v4 and it was the first time I’ve encountered this issue.

I am on a windows laptop. How would I get to the directories? Just search them?

I generally use the CLI. On windows you could use Powershell to navigate there and remove them with the Remove-Item command. You can also navigate via the FIle Explorer to delete them, but I am not familiar enough with Windows to know how.

@bab has done this in the past, maybe he or someone else has better directions than me.

Uninatall RT4. Then using File Explorer, go to Users(etc.)…

Insert your own Windows User name in place of mine <…\bab.…> plus the rest of the directories circled in the screenshot, then choose RoasTime and roast-time. Your data is saved on the Aillio servers and should restore when you open RT4 with an internet connection. Those 2 directories will be recreated when you re-install RT4.

I’ve been using RT 4.6.16 without issue.