Help rookie question

I am going through the learning curve for my new Bullet R1 V2 with Roast Time. I have completed the first seasoning roast, successful in that I didn’t burn down the house and the venting system appears to work well, but lots of questions. The first question is the event marking buttons do not appear at the bottom of the profile page. Is there a setting I am missing?

What version of RT are you using? RT4? RT3?

Regardless, is there a chance you need to scroll down? I’m wondering if the roast profile may just be set higher than the viewable window.


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I tried that but will give it another try. I noted that in some of the screenshots they looked like my screen so possibly I jumped the gun on the charge and got out of sequence. I also noted that in the documentation you can "press and hold F1 to mark an event. This will give me some things to try during my next seasoning roast. I am using version 3.4.1. I appreciate your help, Thank you.

seasoning Roast #2 solved the mystery. Apparently, on the first roast, I got impatient and charged early which got things out of sequence. Second Roast as soon as went to roast mode screen had the marker buttons.

You can force the Bullet to Roast from Preheat using the PRS button. Otherwise the firmware will walk you thru the complete Preheat (reaches the set temp as measured by IBTS and the Temp Probe has a stable temperature) before it announces Charge.

I feel I get better results with a long Preheat on the first roast- the Temp Probe keeps creeping up indicating the front panel is closer to even heat in the roaster. The 2nd & later roasts don’t need the long wait- they’re pretty much ready to go when the Bullet announces Charge. But as always- YMMV.