Help with IBTS upgrade

Tricker than I expected this. The first steps are missing from the instructions and they jump in in the middle. Anyway I’m getting there now but there seems to be a part missing: the connector to solder on to the board. Have I overlooked something obvious? The photos show the board and all the parts that were included. Can I by the connector to solder on somewhere else? If so does anyone know the exact part I need.
Thanks a lot

I’ve replaced the control board and the power board but not the IR sensor/IBTS. So I’m ignorant about the specific steps for replacing the IBTS. I checked the Aillio site and found this link. Is this what you are using?

If all else fails you may need to contact your supplier or Aillio Support to clarify what you don’t understand & what is missing from the instructions.


Thank you Bruce :blush: I’m now convinced that the 6 pin PCB male connector that I would need to solder onto the board is missing. The rest of the roaster is now put together again and I’ll contact them on Monday and ask them to send the part. Until then my roaster is out of action :cry:

Uh-oh- back to Starbucks or whatever your local favorite! :slight_smile:


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